Hey everyone, when I first started learning... about a year and a bit ago... most of the songs I found were either WAY to easy or WAY to hard. Luckily I came across a few of what I call 'Transition' songs... which means that the song uses largely basic technique, with a manageable amount of new technique. So, I thought to help out a few new people, who are having difficulty learning new things we should post a few of our 'transition' songs. Don't just say the name though, say what the song accomplished for you. Also, for reference... when I say right hand technique... I'm meaning the picking hand for a righthanded person.

**Under the Bridge - RHCP = Fingerpicking, Barre Chords, Hammer ons**
-When I learned this, about 6 to 8 months ago... I wasn't a big barre chords, or finger picking, kinda guy. Well this song, since it's so recognizable and fun, can help bridge the gap for a person looking to use barre chords and basic fingerpicking. Intro uses basic fingerpicking, chorus and verse help learn major and minor barre chords in A and E shape... and also help build figner strength with all the little embelishing hammer-ons in it.

**Dust in the Wind - Kansas = Fingerpicking**
-This song just helps with fingerpicking. Since it uses open chords, you can focus more on right hand technique... and opposed to worrying about chords.

**Guarenteed - Eddie Vedder = Fingerpicking, Barre Chords**
-This song, is about one or two steps up from Dust in the Wind... as it uses faster fingerpicking, coupled with barre chords.

**Yesterday - The Beatles = Chord bass fingerstyle**
-This song, uses open chords... but you use your thumb for a running bassline and other four fingers for the chords. Though very easy for an intermediate... this song can help pull you from the land of strumming, into more complex fingerstyle techniques.

**Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles = Fingerpicking**
-This was the first full instrumental I learned, that wasn't some old spanish thing written in the 1500's :P Anyways, if you can find a good tab... this is a very good begginner song to learn for fingerpicking and even a little 'improv'. Since it uses mostly open chords, the D and G, you can easier learn your right hand technique.

Thats just a few, I have tons more... but I wanna leave some room for you others So just post any songs that helped you learn a new technique, no matter how basic or advanced.
Sacrifice Unto Sebek - Nile:

This is kind of a transition from intermediate to advanced territory. Complicated riffs, but the tempo is doable (140 bpm) and it's so much fun to play. Hell, just the intro gets me pumped up. There's only one bit thats about 180 bpm, but just trempick that, nobody will notice
(oh, and the solo is nuts, so ignore that or make stuff up. you could rape your whammy bar for example).

edit: oh yeah, the techniques:
- ****ed up riffs (tua-ashemu riff)
- tempo changes
- weird rhythms (intro)

Anyway, great song if you want to start playing death metal.
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Neoclassical Sweep- Gentaro Satomura

I learned this a few months ago, and it really strengthened my sweep picking skill. Its very fast, and taught me how to sweep FAST.
Great start guys!

**Classical Gas - Various = 'Smooth' Fingerpicking**
-This is a great transition from Beginner to intermediate picking. There are arrangements for this from beginner to advanced, Eric Claptons version is a good one for beginners... and Tommy Emmanuels is good for advanced/intermediate.

**Voodoo Chile - Jimi Hendrix = Speed, Economy picking**
-This song, is a good one for developing speed, as well as various picking styles. I use economy picking.... but many are suitable.
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I'm just beginning with Here Comes the Sun. My fingerpicking needs to be trained and I picked this song becaus its arrangement. We should discuss how we're progressing
For sure, discuss away! And of course, if any help is needed the forums are here for you Anyways another good 'transition' song is Blackbird

**Blackbird - The Beatles = Pinky involvement**
-Though minimal, there is use of your pinky for the fretting hand in Blackbird... which though seems simple, can be difficult if you've never used your pinky... so it's a good song to master.
-Under the Bridge (RHCP) - Using my pinky...
--For a while I hadn't used my pinky very much because it couldn't do anything, couldn't bend anything and barely press the string down firmly. First song I started using it with.

-Holiday (Green Day) - Power chords... lots of them

-Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) (parts) - Attempt at finger picking, still not too great at it.

-Mr. Crowley (Ozzy Osbourne) - Don't really know how to explain it, that part at the beginning of the first solo. (Bend, 2 notes, pull off, another bend, repeat) -> Had to ask for help on this one yesterday, still learning the rest of the song

That's all that comes to mind as of now.

Edit: Post below reminded me - Sweet Child O' Mine (Guns N' Roses) - String skipping
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Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne - If you don't cheat with powerchords and play it properly, a lot of it can help you with transitioning from a riff/power chord to Open A Chords

and the Solo is excellent for working on your Legato techniques

Sweet Child of Mine is pretty good for string skipping...and its a famous nice sounding one so why not?
Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin
The first song where i began using the pentatonic scale. Very suitable for improvising since you're just "filling out space" if you know what i mean.

Iron Man - Black Sabbath
The first song that i learned on electric guitar. Great for learning power chords, and transitioning between playing chords and single notes.

Can't Stop - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Learn to mute stuff properly in this and you'll be able to mute most stuff. Also the first solo i learned
Evil eye, Far beyond the sun by Yngwie Malmsteen they have everything and they're fun to play
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**Runaway - Covered by John Frusciante = First solo**
- This song has a fun little solo in it around half way through... there is a video of Frusciante playing it on youtube so you can get an Idea of the solo. It's a good 'begginner solo' to learn. Quite fun!
One - Metallica
This was the first song I learned to play. It really got me to use alternate picking, shifting from power chords into single notes, shifting from distorted to clean tones, fast picking at the end, and tapping like a motherf*cker.
Quote by Geldin
One - Metallica
This was the first song I learned to play. It really got me to use alternate picking, shifting from power chords into single notes, shifting from distorted to clean tones, fast picking at the end, and tapping like a motherf*cker.

I agree with this. This song introduced me to a lot of different techniques. Specifically, tapping.
Chinese Democracy is a great album, people need to get over Slash.

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I'm just beginning, and I'm a blues fan. By now I'm learning Wonderful Tonight. My goal is to be able to play some stuff by SRV