I'm gonna need one soon.

The Dunlop Power Brick or whatever is like $130...

Are there any cheaper alternatives? I mean if I gotta get that, I will...

There's gotta be other options, though.

Any ideas?
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this. i've got one, hasn't let me down yet

I love it, me and my band's guitarist share the same one ... it's got enough power for all our pedals.
$40 for that VisualSound? Oh my God, I just might have to get that ordered in.

There's no way I am powering all my pedals with individual batteries.

EDIT: To be honest, their pedals look cool too! I'm needing a chorus so maybe that Liquid Chorus could work.

EDIT: ****in' nice, Long & McQuade sells the adaptor for like $26.50 + taxes. DAMN. And here I was thinking I'd need to shell out $130 for a Dunlop DC Brick.
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You get a 9v power adapter for $25. Then you get a thing at guitar center which plugs into the end of the 9v adapter and then after you plug it in you will have 8 little conntectors to connect to your pedals. It should look like this

9v Av connector---------additional cables hooked into the power adapter------pedal-----pedal