I have been finger picking for about 2-3 years now. I am not sure if i am doing it correctly. Is there a correct way? I use my thumb to pick the 3 bass strings E-A-D My pointer for G my mid for B and my ring for E. The videos i have seen on youtube tho show something differently every time. I have never been trained and i do what comes naturally to play.
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Everyone has their diffrent styles. If it's comfortable to you, you are doing it right.
Kool...so there is no set way to fingerpick. would it be to my advantage to learn several styles.
Aum Mani Padme Hum-Avalokiteshvara
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That is Hybrid picking correct?
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O i see...Hmm thats a good idea i am going to try it.
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I got a mate who uses his pinky as well. God knows how. Its hard enough controlling the position of my ring
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once you learn to finger pick, you can figure out your own ways to do things. my thumb tends to stay on the three lower strings, but sometimes in some situations it makes sense to move it to a higher string, and sometimes i might use my fingers on lower strings, too. there's no real rules - just do what feels and sounds right.
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If I were using the pick, yes, but I was referring above to holding the pick against my palm (that way I can switch between strumming and fingerstyle mid-song, and I don't have to worry about losing my pick).

I keep the pick in my mouth for those quick switches...means you can't sing though!
One technique I love to use is fingerpicking when playing full chords (as opposed to arpeggios), especially triads. It's obviously not a technique that translates well to metal or anything where you need a really hard, aggressive attack on chords, however it sounds great in styles like blues, Christmas Snowman some rock songs, etc. What you do is just when you want to play a chord, you use the pick to get the lowest note of the chord (string closest to you), and put your fingers on the others strings containing notes. Then you pick and pluck all at the same time. IMO, it sounds waaay better than trying to pick a chord through. Because playing a chord, you're trying to get all the notes to sound together, but it takes a small amount of time for the pick mouse poisonto hit each string, so the notes ring slightly off. If you get it with fingers, all the notes ring out exactly in unison, and it just gives the chord a more full sounding vibe I think. It's a lot of fun to do when playing riffs that contain triads mixed among single notes lines.