My bassist wants a louder amp, he is currently using a Fender Rumble 60 and it just can't keep up with my 30 watt tube amp, and the other guitarist will be getting a tube amp soon as well.

He got a deal on a Behringer 300 watt bass amp. I told him that I don't know much about bass amps, but the general consensus of UG says to stay away from Behringer amps. Despite this, he talked the guy down and could get this amp for $150.

So my question is, Do you think it would be a good idea to get this amp for $150? I see Ruble 60's on craigslist for $200, so he would actually have potential to make $50.

If not, what budget bass amps would you suggest?

Thanks in advance.
Behringer is garbage for bass stuff. Don't do it. I used one of their Ultrabass heads and it sounded AWFUL. Also, they aren't actually 300 watts RMS, they're 300 watts when turned up to max. Amps produce higher wattages when they're turned up.
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Behringer rates their amps at peak wattage instead of root mean square wattage. Basically it means that a 300w Behringer is about as loud as a 60-120 watt anything else.
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I recommend pretty much anything from MarkBass or Ampeg.

Depends on budget really though.

EDIT: Saw budget.

Umm...some of the MarkBass stuff you can get pretty cheap actually. I'd keep an eye out on CL and Evilbay.