I'm a guitarist/pianist mainly so I know nothing about bass and drum.

What's important when making bass and drum tracks?
when i'm writing bass I just put octaves and sometimes 5ths or so just to extend the overall sound a bit.

For the drums you just need ideas.I'm not really a drumer but I often focus on drums in my songs. Basically, most of the death metal drum stuff I write is a rip off from vader, but noone cares
Seriously, just listen to some music and imagine a cool beat. You just need some experience with more complex fill ins and drum pattern about the accentuation but that comes after time.
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for me:
heavy bass line bordering on dubstep
big drops
nice variety - repetition only goes so far
lyrics? simple or very good like prnstar - TC

EDIT: waaaaait i thought you meant drum&bass not drum AND bass tracks seperately lol
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Well it depends. what kinda music are you writing?
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drum beats for metal-----fast double bass peda,l drum fills ,hitting your crash like it was martin lawrence and he just crashed your car.
try that.
Think THEME and GROOVE. Go over lyrics and make sure bass and drum complement eachother and fit the overall theme of the lyrics. You'll achieve an effective osong message that way! Hope this helps! Everything is equally important in a song!
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