Hey, so well I'm going to start saving up (might even have enough right now tbh) for a new amp.. ATM i have a roland cube 30x, and so for this next amp I'm wanting a tube amp, around the 30tube watts area... am wanting this as i hopefully will be doing small gigs soon and i want to make this one of the last, if not THE last amp i buy.
I want a head and cab, very much over combos.. And i reckon I'll spend around... $1000AU, $800US... willing to go to $1000US tops.
I play lots of rock plain and simple.. mostly rock.. whether it's alternative rock, indie rock, plain rock.. other than maybe some "br00t4l m3t4lzz" i don't stray too far from that. I have a fender telecaster mim, and a schecter omen extreme, and an EHX big muff pi tone wicker and EHX small clone chorus on their way to my house atm
I've had a bit of a look around... for my price range I like the look of the Crate V33, or the Crate Palomino V32 which I've found a few on ebay. V32 heads for around $400US or so... and V33 heads for around $250-$300US.. not sure why cheaper but yeah.
And then with the head was just gonna see how much cash i had left and the best cab i could get with that.
I'm very open to suggestions but it has to be tube, has to be head/cab, and no more then 40tube watts or so.
Also remember I'm in aus, so lots of things you recommend will literally be double the price in aus to get, so I have to get most things on ebay or if you know US sites that ship to aus not too expensively, that'd be great.
Thanks lots
peavey make good heads and they should be in your price range the windsor and classic should suit your needs
Anything else?
Can't find too much on peavey heads....
Can you guys also be specific on models in my price range.. not just the brand, thanks!
Keep in mind the $800US-$1000US is for the head AND cab.

Eg. i could find a peavey windsor 120w head for $975AU ($800US roughly)
Tube yes, 120w though.. farrrrr too much.

I don't have much clue when it comes to tube heads/cabs etc so yeah help me as much as ya can and i'll be very appreciative.
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Tiny terrors are nice, but only 7 or 15w, and those alone are like $600US
Remember if i get from US i gotta pay like $100US~ postage so.
Also, if i get a head/cab from the US, plugging into australian sockets..I'd have to use a converter plug between the head/cab plugs into the wall.. would that effect anything?
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<cut>I like the look of the Crate V33, or the Crate Palomino V32 which I've found a few on ebay. V32 heads for around $400US or so... and V33 heads for around $250-$300US.. not sure why cheaper but yeah.<cut>

Owned both in the past ... not very good IMHO (though the Palomino is the better of the two -- by a hefty margin) -- either soundwise or build quality.

Have you given a listen (or been to YouTube) to either of these:

Peavy Classic 30: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Peavey-Classic-30-Head-Tube-Amp-?sku=481019#new

Vox AC50CPH: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Vox-AC50-Classic-Plus-50w-Amp-Head?sku=481027#new
Peavey classic 30 was good, ugly as hell but good.. maybe a bit too pricey.
A guy on ebay said i could get his new tiny terror head 7/15w for $475US + $80US postage... so about $555US to get it over here.. that only leaves like $300US odd for a cab :S

Anyone know about the adaptor thing i said above? whether it would effect the cab/head in any ways :S
Look at the Egnater Rebel 20 head and cab. I think they ship to Australia now. If you can't find one, then I'd go for the Palomino V32

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Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
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TBH guys I'm really liking this

It has some really good reviews, it's in my price range, like the perfect price for the head i was looking for... the people selling it don't seem dodgy after reading their descriptions and their no questions asked return policy. Just emailed then to check how much to ship to aus, but i like it. Are there any reasons as to why it wouldn't be a fit to my style of music?
Also we don't sell these amps in australia as far as i know, we sell crates, not this model though.. so if there were problems would it be hard to fix?
Thanks for all your help so far.

edit: read some reviews saying that the v32 is more of a bluesy head? i need something more modern rock/alternative rock.. and something that will work well with with big muff pi and small clone.
tiny terror looks good but the cleans seem average and I'd be mainly using the big muff for most of my distortion so makes that head pointless.. gah.
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bump for a bit of help fellas.. just a tube nube D: haha

I'm thinking maybe i get something tube, but... a bit morrrree.... indie rock friendly
And then I'll just boost it with my big muff pi and maybe a tubescreamer or something?
Any ideas on that side of things :S
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check out the amp head on my profile. the guy lives in canada so i dont think shipping will be any diffrent from america. i got it for 250 + a blackheart 5 watt head, but ususally he sells them for around 450-500 on ebay.
the amps is greati can get metal tones with it + my bad monkey
You got it + a 5w blackheart head?
Are you talking about the random no name head in your profile, or the orange cab :S
Haha alright
I saw a crate v30h
$550US... not bad not bad.
Could probably get that then need to hold off for a few months then get a cab... you'd do it that way hey, buy the head first.. wait.. then get cab... not buy cab.. wait.. then get the head :S
Here's the 2 heads I'm tossing up between atm.. have a look at the ebays and tell me which you would choose because i have no idea..



I've read reviews saying the v30h is sturdier or something and is made is USA while v32h is made in Vietnam... that would explain the $200 price difference... help me choose
triple post!wow.
found a peavey 100w head for $230US... don't know if it even compares to the v30h/v32h but yeah just throwing that into the mix too.