Ok so im looking to buy a Ibanez SAS36 Guitar...I was wondering is this a good ibanez model...i know nothing about ibanezes but i would really like one...but unlike most ibanezes ive seen this one only has 22 frets?
Its pretty cheap but its brand new...is this a good guitar
I couldn't find the model you said on guitar center.. Are you sure that you posted the model name right?

Flippedit: Is this the one?

I stole that dudes post... VV

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i dont know exactly we are buying it localy and he is selling it for like 125 dollars...its still got tags on it...and yes that is the guitar but the one im buying has a sunburst finish...if i remebger right its orange
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It's sound like a good deal. go for it, not much to lose for 125$.

I don't know why I couldn't find it on guitar center.
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