So far i've been playing some As i lay dying songs, but not really sure what other bands out there use this tuning

Name some of your favourites if you want
Early Soad.
I find the stuff on the self-titled to be the most fun.
Follow the smoke toward the riff filled land
there's a program called BestPractice that you can use to change the pitch of a song, so you can really play any drop-tuning song you ant
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amon amarth uses C alot and they're pretty kick ass.
Same thing with older Bullet for my valentine.
Killswitch engage, atreyu, a day to remember, static lulaby.
Just about every single metalcore band really lol
children of bodom, as i lay dying

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The world..
Sixpounder, Children of Bodom.
Killswitch Engaged I think uses Drop C.
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Neon - John Mayer? Play that perfect.
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Dan Donegan of Disturbed is a Drop C hoar so I'd look in to that.
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The Search for Drop C by The Searchbar Crew
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i thought amon amarth tuned their guitars lower, but thanks guys

Amon amarth is kick ass idd !

That's what i said.

Uhm Sickened from Disturbed is in Drop C

Most System of a Down songs in Drop C

Some of Mastodon's song is in Drop C (cut you up with a linoleum knife)
Black Label Society has a few like Bleed For Me and Demise Of Sanity, both easy to play if you're not retarded at alternate picking.