Thought you guys might be interested in an electronic/ambient project I'm apart of.

I play acoustic guitar (Aria Sandpiper ASP-75N), with the other half of the duo playing synth and laptop (Macbook Pro, Logic Studio).

Hit the link below for two tracks from our debut CD, Fields. Click on 'News and Gigs' for a link to buy the CD. £3 including p&p (UK only, PM for enquirers into international sales)

Please give criticism, it's hugely appreciated as this project is still in it's early days!

Much thanks

Gibson, Martin, Orange, Apple.
Dude. this is amazing. i wasnt really sure what to expect by your description but man this is so cool. its so calm and relaxing. its kinda repetitive though. on "Rooted" it felt like it needed to build up into something like hugely epic but it never quite does. its a good tune though.
One thing we set out to abide by on this project was the lack of drums. Making sure we could explore rhythms and even percussive sounds without having to deal with either programming drums or dealing with a drummer, ha.

Thanks for the crit
Gibson, Martin, Orange, Apple.