im new at the drum programming
do they sound too fake?
do you like the songs in general?

latin tune i enjoyed very much would have liked more than 30 seconds of the drums though nice melodies
song 3 seemed like old video game music to me
song 2 when the bass enters is pure magic liked this song very much
er song 1 had a nice little groove in it

i think you have a real good ear for melody
i liked alot of your changes but some felt a little out of place
i don't know too much of midi or it's limitations which i'm sure there are tons
but i'd love to hear those tunes on real instruments
i'd say all in all song 2 was the best one

ohh yeah i recorded it on a zoom hd8 and mixed it with cubase le
im-7 midi drums

thnx for your reply
i appreciate very much
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Drums sound a tiny bit fake, should be alright for demos - they show what you want in mind.

Big freeway - I like the 'monsterous' guitar tone in this one, really sets the tone for the rest of the piece.
- Vocals are very good, and mixed very well into piece.
- Good riffs used throughout piece.
- I like the solo very much, suits the feel of the rest of the piece.
- Perhaps add a few more instruments to 'pad' it out a bit more, good but feels a bit empty. That's my only crit, but good on a whole.
- Very well recorded and mixed, what did you do this on?

Beautiful day - I like the guitar tone very much on this track.
- Very differing from first piece.
- Still, drums sound a bit fakeish.
- Vox are good as usual

If you have the midi files of the drums, i'm sure one UGer will be happy to help you program them - i have got a very good soudning drum track from just one midi file.

Keep it up!

(these are midi, please comment on what you think of them - constructive crit is welcomed)