So I'm off to university in a few weeks time and I am doing a music production/performance course.

I wont be able to take an amp and will be living within a halls of residence so I am looking to purchase a multi-fx/amp sim for practicing in my room at uni, and also having it set up to be ready to gig with live when performing.

I have narrowed it down to the BOSS ME70 and the Line6 PodXT.

Anyone got any opinions to which they would reccommend? Maybe if theres any other reccomendations for around the £200 mark.
Haven't tried the ME70 yet, but I like my XT Live alot better then an ME50.
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Although I know multi-effect distortions are never quite the same as single pedals or amp, Ive got a Line6 Spider and I hate them tones! Ive also heard that the distortions on Pods are very similar and weak.