I'm looking for a wilkinson bridge for my strat and was woundering which one would require the least amount of routing. It has a 2-pivot trem are there any wilkinson bridges that also have a 2-pivot or if not are there any that would fit my bridge with ethier no or little routing, Thank You for the help I'm not to smart when it comes to these things.


Would that fit a 2-pivot?
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The alternative Strat trem mounting is a 6 screw (AFAIK)

As the one you linked, does not have 6 screws and does in fact use their "Knife edge" system, then yes, you can use it on a 2 point mount.

You may have to change the pillars and that may mean dowelling and re-drilling the holes.
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The VS100 should fit; it's a drop in for a US 2 point trem.
The VG401 works too, since it's more or less the same thing.
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