The pointless part
It's that time in my life where I'm about to get a huge sum of money from family and such. My 18th birthday is coming up.

First question
Now, I'm planning to buy a nice new shiny Schecter C-7 and due to the pickups being 'Duncan Designed' I want to switch them out for something better.

I would like you help in picking a selection of suitable Seven string pickups as I have not had an awful lot of experience with them I've just generally played a guitar, thought it sounded nice, bought it, not done anything with it

Preferred tones

I'm looking for a nice, beefy tone with some nice cleans as I like to switch between gain and clean quite a lot. I play metal generally, so any pickups used for hi-gain would be nice

My second question
Just so you know, I'm running a cube 60, and as my mom won't let me get a 'louder' amp(which throws all tube options worth considering out the window) I can't get a new amp. Which is why I am planning to get a 4x12 cab and only use it for band practices and gigs. Now my second question, I know nothing about cabs/speakers, except I've heard any cabs with Celestion Vintage 30's sound generally good. Any suggestions?

Any help would be appreciated sincerely as I'm a bit of a gear noob

Thanks in Advance

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