I have a Gretsch 6125 guitar for sale or trade. According to the serial number, it is a 1963 Single Anniversary Model. It is all original. It is in awesome condition (Especially when considering its 46 years old). There are some chips/nicks, but there is nothing too bad. It is missing the pickup ring, but that should be easily replaced. It includes its original hardshell case. However, the case is beat up. Also included are the guitar tools and strap.

I just had it cleaned up and set up at my local guitar shop. They also cleaned up the volume pot and checked the wiring. It sounds absolutely fantastic.

Model #: 6125
Serial #: 53447



The neck shows the worst of the chips/nicks. There is are no nicks/chips/dents worse than those.

Asking $1200 + Shipping. I'm open to trade offers as well. I'd be interested in Ibanez and Strats mainly (Older the better). However, feel free to offer something if your interested (try me). I'd love to trade for a guitar + cash.
that is niiiiice, shame i live in the UK :/
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Yea, I think shipping would be killer to the UK. I've also never taken well to shipping things out of country regardless of the shipping costs (be it DVDs or a guitar).
I suppose if someone from the UK was seriously interested in buying the guitar, I'd deal with them if they were willing to pay the shipping and insurance costs.
PA ftw?
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I can't figure out how to edite my original post...

I'd trade for a guitar + amp as well.
No longer wanting a Strat. Interested in a Les Paul, Ibanez, or a Jackson in terms of trades. Is there no editing in the classifieds or am I just completely blind?
bump. Most likely sending this to Elderly early next week if no one shows anymore interest or offers.