We are a band from midwest Illinois. We currently have upcoming shows in Monmouth, IL(July 11th), Davenport, IA(July 17th) and Kewanee, IL(July 31st).

We currently took down our songs from our msypace because they were old home recordings from about two years ago. We are currently working with Groove Union Records in Galesburg and we will have a 7 track cd out soon. The recording is done, just some final mixing is left.

Anyway, so you can hear us, here are some videos from a show back in April(the video actually turned out pretty good. i told the guy that because of the volume it might turn out bad)..anyway, here are a few of them:

"Dementia" (part of it anyway):

"My Misery":

"Destined To Be Damned" (the lyrics werent finished when we played it, but there are some to it):

tell us what you think! Also, tell us were we can improve. we are all 19 and still learning tons from the older guys in our music scene, no harm in learning form you as well!

i forgot, the guy that filmed these didnt konw the names so,

"Destined to Be Damned" is named as LBD7

and "My Misery" is named as LBD4
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