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My guitar cost more than my amp and I like my guitar most
32 53%
My guitar cost more than my amp but I like my amp most
2 3%
My amp cost more than my guitar and I like my amp most
13 22%
My amp cost more than my guitar but I like my guitar most
10 17%
I only own one of these items???
3 5%
Voters: 60.
My Rhoads.

I own a Marshall MG.....
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My Kramer.
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They each have their plusses and minusses, one wouldn't be complete without the other and they each make up part of my sound.

That said... my amp right now, I just realised today how badly my RG needs a pup change...
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Well I got my Laney for free, so I'd have to say the second answer.
Jackson KVX10
Epiphone EB-3

Bugera 6260
Laney Supergroup Mk 1
Marshall VS100RH
Laney LX412A

Bad Monkey
Metal Muff
Fish N Chips
my LP
i have a marshall valvestate, still really like it though
Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top
Fender 300CE T-Bucket
Dean DOF ML [For Sale]
Marshall AVT 2000 valvestate
Ibanez modified turbo tube screamer
Digitech RP250
they both cost the same.... but easily my guitar.

Epiphone SG G400 in cherry red. Love that guitar, it salvaged my passion for music.
Whereas the marshall MG i have could be better, don't get me wrong it's a nice amp for the price, but the need to say "for the price" is a little upsetting for standards.
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My Rhoads.

I own a Marshall MG.....

Swap the Rhoads for a Razorback and this is my setup. And a Grunge Distortion pedal.
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Both components of mine are of the same calibur. I own an American Strat
and a 50W tube amp. I'm lacking in the effects pedals department.
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Guitar. I have a gibson v, and i'm so close to it, and it's perfect for my hands.
my amp is a Spider II, but will likely be a nice tube amp within the year, so i hope i can eventually say that i like my guitar and amp equally.
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Sorry, I thought of Jon Lajoie right away

Anyways, on topic. I have a more expensive amp (Orange Rocker 30) which was like $1500, it has great cleans but I don't like the distortion so much. I love my Ibanez Iceman however which cost only $1000. It plays so well, I love everything about it.
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Me too... me too...
my guitar was around $530 once finished upgrading, and my amp was around $2000
Mesa Single Rectifier
Marshall 1960A vintage
Rg3exfm1 w/ EMG 85/81
Big Baby Taylor Acoustic
Ibanez TS808
My guitar is much better than my amp. Playing a $2000 guitar through a $100 amp, lol. Yeah I did it backwards. I'm finally getting an amp upgrade, though.
Probably my bass. It's not great, but it's semi-vintage and has a cool vibe and sound. Compared to my $100 guitar and guitar amp and my workhorse, but unremarkable Peavy bass amp.
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Let me put it this way, my PGM cost whatever it cost, and it is that much guitar.

My Blackheart cost $200 bucks and it is more than $200 of amp.
my amp and my guitar.
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