k guys so we uploaded a song called what can i say and what can i say (ocean)
i remixed it and put some stuff in it
tell me what you think!! and tell me which one you like better!
I like it, especially since Led Zeppelin is my favorite band lol. It kinda made me think of a mix of Going to California and Kashmir. Vocals were really good actually. I think it could've built up some though, like with drums and stuff. I like what you have going already, but I think if you wrote a couple more parts, and make a climax in there in like the third quarter of the song, it would help a lot.

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thanks a lot man
Going to California is actually my favorite song
thanks for noticing that lol
wer trying to improve it thanks im checkin ur stuff rite now
ok i really like the intro tone. very cool. the lyrics are very introspective. the vocals could be better, but i'm not sure what needs to improve. maybe sing with more confidence and smoother? also, i hate to be that guy, but you're using too much of led zeps imagery in your lyrics. it sounds too much like a cop out.

i really like it though. great guitar part.

crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1160832
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thanks a lot man
yea i love zep.. i wer actually like re-writing the lyrics/vocal parts rite now