does anyone here do any work woth video cameras? im looking to start making stop motion videos and need advice on what kinda equipment i should be using, also im gonna be needing a laptop, ive been recamended apple but they're expensive so could i do with something else? any advice would be very greatful thank you
aren't there tutorials for these kinds of things on youtube? I wouldn't know.
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I'm not sure. But the person who made this video might be able to help you a little bit.


It seems like it's just a bunch of pictures put together into a film. I doubt you'd need really expensive equipment to do it.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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look at my youtube channel, i have some stop motions there, i used to make them 2 years ago, ive had really cool ideas and now i know how to make them better, but no time, probably this summer ill make a really cool one, but anyway, i won a prize with this one (but check the other ones)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLrHSvGXTzM (forward to 2:07, because those 2 mintues are horrible, something that i can correct in the future)

By the way, i have lots of types of videos, so check them out also!
You can do stop motion with anything really, you can do it on nearly all mobile phones. Just pause whilst you're recording, or make seperate clips and cut them properly in your editing suite.
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Yeah, lots of stop motion guys actually use webcams and a frame grabbing program. A quick google search will give you much better answers than the pit can.
yea, its easier to do with photo cameras. I should know, I did a stop motion project for my broadcast class.
I'm a realtively experienced stop-mo nerd/animator.
cheapest method for noobs is a webcam and some free software like monkeyjam, heliumfrog and animator DV simple+

next step up is a DV tape camera into capture software

UB3R L33T pro setup is a DSLR with a spycam going into animator dv pro or stopmotion pro
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