So I wrote this as a metal song, but sung like Brandon Boyd of Incubus with no growls or screams. Just heartfelt singing. If you've never heard him sing here's a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt7idfsa9hg&feature=fvst
Now for the song...

This shadow
Is engulfing me
I'm boxed in by

A brand new slate
Smashed to pieces
On the edge
As the page it creases

Chorus: x2
Earth is falling apart
We could escape to Mars
If your afraid of the dark
Let yourself burn inside

Verse 2:
Another day
The line gets shorter
As I step closer
To the border

Freedom found
But once again
I am bound

Chorus: x3


Chorus: x4 fadeout

EDIT: I changed the verses because they really sucked.
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