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If women can be annoyed there arent any women incongress I should be allowed to be pissed off there are no members of pink floyd or the beatles in congress.
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lol he said 900 or less that jackson is like 2000
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I'm thinking a stratocaster of some sort, probably H-S-S.

Edit: Like that ^ exept thats like 2000$. A used Jackson Sl-3 sould also be good.



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yes this one especially since the iron maiden guitarists use strats and the les paul would also be good
also sg they are really good
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Pfft, you all with your big shredding solos. I just play pinch harmonics, then play the same note again without a pinch harmonic. Everyone is like "teh fook?!".
Check out a Hagstrom Super Swede. They run for about $675, and IMO they play and sound just as good as a Gibson (if not better), but then again that's just my opinion.
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