hey i saw that Gibson Tony Iommi pickup and heard really great things about it and that it had very high ouptput, also i heard about the 500T and the reviews said that one was great too for about 40-50$ less. and i saw the EVH Humbucker (not signed) for the same price as the tony Iommi. but i also saw the DiMarzio EVO (steve vai) and the single conductor PAF. if i got the dimarzios id get both of them cuz they are fairly cheap. i was wondering which ones to get, i would only get 1 tony iommi, 1 evh, 1 500T (and sumthin else like a dimarzio FRED) and both of the Dimarzios.
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Music styles? Guitar? Amp?
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oh yah sorry i forgot bout that, flying v (knockoff forget wat brand) Line 6 Spider 3, and i play most types of metal, no nu-metal or harddcore, blues , hard rock, rock, etc.
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New amp first, a new pick up will not improve your tone in the way you want it to, you need a new amp first.
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ok besides the amp, this forum isnt about my amp, im jst asking which one i should consider buying. i will hav enough money to afford both soon. i would like help with the pickups cuz i already hav an idea of wat amp i want.
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unless they're original PAFs, pat numbers, t-tops, or '80s Shaw PAF reissues, just go ahead and pass on all Gibson humbuckers.
well, ive heard those 500T's and the Tony Iommi's are good. what are those duncan customs like?
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the 500t is buzzy and gritty. Not a very clean pickup. And its kinda meh in power.
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hm, well i was just thinkin the 500T and 496R cuz i can get both of them for 120$. but watever if ther not good then ill go with sumthin else. keep the suggestions comin!
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I would suggest a new amp.
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Well, what's your budget?

You know, pickups are only there to make good tones better, they won't make bad tones transform into amazing ones.
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the bridge evo is a highoutput pup great for harmonics and squealing and i love it and crystal clear the other dimarzio`s are medium output including the neck evo and all have great clarity head over to www.dimarzio.com select your pup and theres some audio samples and wiring diagrams.
theres also a pup chooser where you specify the materials of your guitar and your style of music and it suggests a pup.
Amp, for sure.
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