Whoooo! o_p

I'm not too keen on the pickguard though, so I've been thinkin' of removing it. It looks really nice without it but the the 2 holes from the screws bother me. I was thinking of putting the screws in the hole without the pickguard so it'll look a lil better but I'm worried that it'll screw in too deep and damage the guitar.

Wadddyah think?
Just screw them in gently and make sure you don't screw them all the way in.
Dude you're just OCD-ing...two screws isn't even that bad. Imagine if you had a fender start, you would have like 15 screw holes. If you screwed the screws in w/o any pickgaurd that will just look tacky. But if you had to, just screw it in really carefully and as soon as it seems like its pretty far in there, stop. It will look pretty stupid though.
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Get some putty, stick it in the holes, put finger nail polish of the guitar's color over that putty. put it on evenly, and it'll look nice, and unnoticable. I did it for my black one ages back before I stopped playing for a while.
Bravo on the color selection....

I'd just leave the guard. If you really don't want it though, I'd just leave the screws out. You can hardly tell.
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Just screw them in gently and make sure you don't screw them all the way in.
The fiddle's been around the block a few times ... gentle isn't necessary.

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I want to screw them in all the way else it'll look edgy being half screwed in all o_P.. ...