What's the best serie? "RG series" or "S series" ?

best guitars from these series?
Dude. Use the freakin' search bar.
There is an Ibanez thread.
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depends on your taste.
RG350DX is awesome for metal+.

No. No it is not. Do NOT buy an Ibanez with the Edge III trem system.
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Ibanez do so many types of guitars. There is no "best" series unless you specify a type.

+1 searchbar.
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I tried one RG and put it away after 2 minutes...sucks for me.
I hate metal tho.
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RG Prestige will outdo pretty much any S series. Not overly familiar with the models though; I'm not a huge Ibanez fan.
I like S better, but RG's are usually better for metal
both are great in my opinion, unless it has an Edge III, then it's not worth the money no matter what it is
RG Prestige beats out an S series.

S series have quite a few problems, and to my knowledge, the prestige series isn't much better.

Get an RG Prestige with a premium package from Rick at ibanezrules. You won't regret it.
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I tried it out in store.

Great neck, nice n light, good tuning stability. Overall a good guitar. I didn't but it cause I generally only buy guitars over a grand now.
The S is better for modern metal. The RG is better for 80s metal. The RGA is great for modern metal. I haven't played an FR yet but it's going to be my next guitar. They all come with the exact same neck so they play the same (minus the RG3000s). All it comes down to is what wood you want and what kind of trem you want. All of them are great and most of them don't come with good pickups. I'm only talking about Prestiges btw.
If the budget is a Prestige then I'd go RG, otherwise I'd go S series
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Jesus christ people quit saying a guitar is meant for so and so genre. The RG, and any other guitar can play any genre, as long as you have to the ability to. I can play jazz, blues and classic rock just fine on my rg. In addition i can shred, metal, and metalcore just as easily on a gibson les paul. Hell earlier i was playing some metal and shred on a telecaster. Seriously can we stop with the genre branding for guitars

Both are fine, as long as the rg is made in japan. Be it an old5xx and up model or a new 15xx and up model. The S is quite good. The zr trem is nice, however its not as stable as the edge/edge pro/edge zero
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RG Prestige will outdo pretty much any S series. Not overly familiar with the models though; I'm not a huge Ibanez fan.

You've never played an S5470 have you...
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RG's! i love them. i had an SA series back when (pretty close to the S) and both the S and the SA look weird to me... like a strat body got run over or something.