damn, adding insult to injury. But I fixed the link, I guess check it out any way. I think its a pretty cool sound.
Dude, you've set your rig up entirely the opposite of everything that is a killer blues tone. You've got Zakk Wylde's "crushing" MG tone.
Ha ha. Yeah, well, I've just recently been getting into blues, so I have no clue about a set up for it.
Do it the SRV way, boost your reverb, and play your clean channel as loud as possible. If not, roll back your distortion to 2 or 3, crank your bass and mids, and roll down your treble. Tone knob on the guitar past the point where it just goes from muddy to distinctive.

That's the best I can abstractly muster from your rig.
Yeah there is... there is absolutely nothing about your current rig that would be used to get a tone like that. You'll need to change your entire rig to get that sort of tone. P-90 pickups in a doublecut Les Paul (or an SG with P-90s would produce a very similar tone), and from the sound of it I would guess a Marshall or Orange all-valve amp, set to total clean.
Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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Well thanks guys. I know I wont be able to get a great blues sound out of this but it'll help for now.
My opinion:

Sell the BC Rich (bad) and MG(double-bad), get either a Valvetronix or a decent used Vox or Fender amp, that will start you off.