I'm not really looking for anything hardcore serious, mostly just to get more practice singing and possibly writing songs. My vocal range isn't huge, and it's fairly low - I think I might be a tenor? or contralto. I really don't know, to be honest. But that sounds about right. Anyway, I sing mostly rock-type stuff - Jet/The Trews/Big Wreck/Pearl Jam. I can play guitar, nothing complicated if I'm singing at the same time, though. I'll have some hastily recorded mp3s up on my profile sometime tonight, just to give an idea of what my voice sounds like.

I'm 16. For an online band, I'm not too concerned about age, but if it's a traditional band, no old people . Any age limit will depend on the specific situation, but if the rest of the band is over 30 it's safe to say that one's gonna be a no-go. Also with a traditional band, the practice space would probably need to be OC Transpo accessible.

If you're interested, just let me know here/in a PM/whatever. I'm not the best songwriter, but I think I can do better at it when it's a collaborative effort and people will yell at me if I give up .

Also I can't do any manner of screaming.

EDIT: Got a few mp3s up on my profile.
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you can join my online band. listen to some of the songs, its called The Noise.