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Sell old pedals and get Danelectro Pedals
0 0%
Keep old pedals and buy Danelectro pedals of other effects
2 22%
Keep buying X-series pedals
7 78%
Voters: 9.
Okay, so i have 3 digitech X-series pedals, the "Hot Rod" Distortion, Compressor Sustainer, and the Phaser. They all sound really good, and i paid a good $70 for them, but then i saw the danelectro Fab pedals, and even though they are made of plastic, they look like a good deal. So i am wondering, should i sell all my old pedals and buy danelectros? keep all old ones and get the danelectros of effects i dont have? continue buying the x-series pedals? or what?

PS: i want two different distortions (metal/regular), a flanger and/or phaser, chorus, echo/delay, tremolo for a complete chain of effects.
the digitechs will be better than the fab series. i'd just keep what you have.
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If your not willing to pay the extra money for Boss pedals I would recommend just staying with buying the Digitechs. The Danelectro pedals do not sound nearly as good even though they are cheap.

If you want to try an effect you wont use alot I would say just get the Danelectro.
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keep getting the digitech's. They sounds a lot better and are more reliable than the danelectro's. Although the danelectro's are fairly good for being only $20
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They're not bad pedals.

I have a Fab echo and it works pretty good and sounds pretty good.

They're are CHEAP pedals and are in plastic so expect them to break.

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i actually finally settled on buying the new pedals i want from danelectro and keeping my old pedals from digitech.

i bought a chorus and echo pedal from danelectro, and im going to keep my phaser from digitech and sell everything but my wah. all i have is a sustain pedal and a distortion pedal, both bought when my setup sucked and i wanted to make it sound better.
Quote by mikeyElite
the digitechs will be better than the fab series. i'd just keep what you have.

Is that like FAB amps?
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