So I'm a cheap and young acoustic guitar player who plans on recording some songs soon. Unfortunately I just burnt off all of my money on the guitar and it's not an electric-acoustic, so I can't buy recording equipment at the moment or use a built-in mic or pick-up like many other acoustic/electric guitars. Currently I only have a webcam, standard digital camera, and microphone that came with the webcam. The microphone actually isn't that bad for a webcam microphone and I haven't tried recording with my digital camera so I'm unsure of the sound quality it'll have. So with this information, I was wondering if there was anyway I could enhance a recording with the cheap equipment available to me. Maybe there's something I can add in the real world like go to a room in my house that is smaller and can bounce the sound back? What I do have access to is software like Adobe Soundbooth, FL Studios, and Cubase since my friend has a lot of them. Is there anything I can do to enhance the sound there?