Hey guys,

This is my new solo song called "Different", its my longest, most adventurous song ever. Its called many parts and moods. PLease...if you have time, listen to it and take it all in, and let me what you think.

Heavily influenced by Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, and some Black Label Society flavorings.

www.myspace.com/nickmarcone -- "Different"

Thanks, and leave a link so I can crit yours!
That's nice man, i like the heavy guitar part. And the break at around 4 minutes

The solo was classic so pretty cool !

I thought i was a little bit too long, but I don't know because i'm not really into alternative rock

How did you recorded it? =)

PS: I listenned to the other song on your UG profile which was pretty cool too
Hey flap, thanks for the crit. I play a prs tremonti, i interface using a line 6 ux2 (which I HIGHLY reccomend to any recording guitarist around here). so I played guitar and bass through that. I have a midi controlling running an audio generator called Kore for the synth. and the drums are sequenced using a drum machine. And yeah..i know its long. Its the longest i've ever done, but there was so many parts and moods I wanted to shove in. Thats actually a slimmed down version haha. The song "Fade" in my UG profile is actually from my band The Recurring. Glad you like that too =]
i really like the intro and that scream you did in the beginning. i thought that your vocals were good in general but they could have fit the proggy feel to this better. the harmonies were really tight. i think the vocals could come up in the mix and i also think you should eq this differently. i really like the writing on this alot. i like the solo quite a bit. this is very much like porcupine tree which is a totally good thing!

good job.

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great build up into the riff.verse's are really good your vox are top!!! the riff after the verse is great love it.
the writting is really good the way you've placed everthing really works well.
this has to be one of the best tracks i've heard on here so far.
the solo is amazing, feel and tone are really good.
this is a master class in layering and production .

sweet work i loved it.
keep it up.
I am really liking this track! The guitar is nice and heavy with sopt on tone! Your songwirting skills are bar none, the arrangement fits together great. I agree that is was a little long, but it was not a boring track so it is forgivable. I think the solo was very well done.
I wish I were that good a producing and layering, but I have enough trouble getting my tracks EQ the way I want it. I have heard quite a few tracks around here recorded with the Line 6 UX2 and have never been dissapointed by it, I am considering getting one when I start getting more serious into recording. Anyways the only thing I was not a fan of were the vocals, not that they weren't good, just not what usually goes along with the genre, but hey, that might be a good schtick.

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Good job, man.

The riff at around 40 seconds in was awesome, quite catchy. I think I could've repeated a few times throughout the song though. All the clean guitar parts were awesome, loved the progressions. Vocals were surprisingly good, actually. I never really see much good singing here on UG, but whoever was singing is really good IMO. Listening to it, it feels like an actual song, not some home recording, so good production. The one thing I didn't like was the tapping. I can tell it needs more coordination. But then again I'm probably not much better anyways. I can't give a super in depth crit on this song, the style is a bit out of my comfort zone, but I did like it and it's very well done, good job.

Thanks for the crit btw.
Thanks a lot man. Yeah I'm working on the tapping. and I'm the singer also btw :P
Just finished it and i like the song a lot. I thought your solos were very good (mine pale in comparison but im a bass player attempting to play guitar) the quality was good but a bit grainy. Vocals were very good and very nice harmonies. I thought it was a very good alt song with some procupine tree influences. if you want me to crit your other song i will if you ask as my song is over 10 mins.
heres the link
Kickass dude, I like the subtle background ambience, reminds me a lot of Isis. Your tone is a bit low-gain for my tastes but it suits the song very well so there's no real complaints there. Good one mate, keep it up.
Fantastic. I loved the melodies you sang and the harmonies you used. Your guitar tone was smokey and crisp, perfect timbre for this type of song. I can see where you drew the Porcupine Tree inspiration as with the Black Label Society. I enjoyed it very much.

5/5 easily.