Yup, there're a bunch of songs I really would like to cover. But they're pop songs that consist of many piano, string sounds.

But I would really like to cover thoese songs, Ive finally figured out the chords, but simply sweeping the chords does not sound right, as if it shouldn't be presented with the guitar that way, please help!!

THIS song for instance:
When it gets to 2:14, im totally lost on how to even approach it

or this one:

^Here the chords to the above song, just so you guys have something to suggest on

F Am
Hate myself for loving you so much
Dm Am
Oh I hate myself for falling back in love
Bb Am Dm
Never been good at words I wanna say I sing my love for you
Bb C F
Ill just let the music makes sweet love to you
Well, you say "as if it shouldn't be presented with the guitar that way".

There's your answer. Maybe arpeggiating the chords isn't a good idea. Try strumming the chords with a cool strum pattern. Try some finger-picking techniques. You can't just rely on us to do it for you. As for the synth/string sections, just experiment with different chords. Just because they're not playing a guitar doesn't mean they're playing a different system of music. They still use notes, just like you. Use your ear and experiment.
Ive been hearing alot of my favorite musicians covering songs, and they could even change a song's genre its amazing. there just has to be some theory i should know before I "trust my heart" !!

Im certain im missing a bunch of things to start !!

Maybe to change my question a little bit. How does people change a song's chords and turn it into a more, jazz, raggae,blues feel?
Try picking some of it differently, maybe some finger-picking even?

Consider changing the chords or adding to the chords at times, say there's a bar of A minor, you could consider changing it to Asus2, or Asus4, or Am7, or any variation really, even consider adding a hammer-on or pull-off to some chords or what not.

There's really a lot you can do, for instance, I've changed the son "Apologize" a fair bit by changing the key, and messing with the chords, I play it Asus2 - Fadd9 - C - E7, whereas the original, when transposed to A minor, would be Am, F, C, G.

I also change the chords for the chorus and mess with some other stuff for little breaks (such as making the C a Cadd9, or Am into Am7) just for variety.

Just play around with the chords of the song and see what you can come up with.