Hey everyone,

been holding this one off for a long time but finally decided to get things rolling with my solo stuff. I just made a myspace page if you want to check out some tunes...appreciate it. Link me to your bands and add me on myspace, I'll gladly comment your stuff too.


All the tracks are demos, I recorded them myself.

Thank you.
Thanks. I do play drums too, but the drums in these demo recordings are MIDI drums, just notated in.
I use Cakewalk Sonar for sequencing and recording. The recordings are done through a very old 1 track analogue mixer plugged into the back of the soundcard. Not ideal and very frustrating! haha. But it gets the job done. Mic is a shure mic, guitars usually I put through guitar rig, same as bass.
I really like Don't You Forget. The vocals are a mix between the beatles and david gilmour, very nice touch. Your playing is very calm and connected as well.

That quality is outstanding, what did you use to record?

I'd comment more but I'm fricken beat, i'll check back on this tom.
Thanks! Just added a new tune "someone like me" which completes my EP, 6 tracks...folk and R&B! Sweet thanks I'll add you and give you a comment.
Yeah man I'm liking this. Good voice, good guitar, good tunes, decent recordings, - youve got the lot. I thought maybe the delay on Chances may have been a bit too prominent in the intro but the chorus has a slightly gospel feel, which not only was a nice suprise, it was class. Your harmonies are great on Don't Forget Me and you reminded me that I really need to pick my harmonica up at some point. Real good stuff man, just get yerself a jazzy picture for the background, that plain white is real boring





cheers, abe
Abe Thanks! I'll check out your stuff and add you on myspace. dstone16321 thanks...I hope so! I want to do an album...written most of the tunes. But I'd really like to do it all in a studio...we'll see! avafreak252, thank you!
Wow great stuff, it kinda reminds me of James Morrison except your voice is 1000x better. Yeah you should really make an album, if you can
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