So I was wondering that if you do a custom guitar or body (or you just change pickups), and the body has a floyd rose tremolo , do you have to put trembuckers on it to sound good? or a normal humbucker like DiMarzio X2N would it fit and work normally? or different?
EDIT: I put it into Electric Guitar 'cuz I meant to ask for the general sound of the guitar (in this case would be mahogany with flamed maple top)
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Just get an F spaced pickup. Either type will work, its just that an F spaced will fit better and not look at messy. DiMarzio released (every?) pickups in normal and F spaced to fit both types of bridges. I think SD pickups are one size fits all or something like that, and some have their own spacing (Like the dimbucker)

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I don't pickups with rails like the Dimarzio X2N will make a difference, as the whole rail is the magnet. If it were an Evo persay, then the pole pieces wouldn't line up if it weren't F-spaced.
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The X2n has no distinct polepieces for each string, so it doesn't matter.
If it were something like a Duncan JB then yes, you'd need the Trembucker version (denoted in SD nomenclature as TB, so the JB would be the TB-4).
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