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I am from Perú so when people decide to study music they usually get into Berklee or MI and leave Perú to study. I´ve always thought that the guy that is going to study music (for example, a guitar player) needs to have good technique (really clean and know various techniques) a fair amount of knowledge on musical theory and great reading skills (like play the vast majority of the musical sheets they have in front).

The problem is that I see people go to study music knowing almost the basics of reading, some ideas of musical theory, and not a really clean technique. I was wondering.

So the question is: Do the people you know that study music are like I think they should be, great tecnique, theory and reading skills? or are they more mediocre doing this things halfways?
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A lot of guitarists I know have no ability to read music, a minor comprehension of theory and can't play all that.

I can read some music, have a decent understand of theory after a year of trial and error composition and only play something if I can play it clean.
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you dont need to know much theory, as they will teach it to you while you are there. I go to Berklee and I can't read for ****. Just make sure you know some basic 7th chords and scales.