Im picking up the Orange TT this coming monday and this will be my first ever non-combo tube amp. I've been doing research on cabs to find a suitable match but im having some difficulty, and maybe the lovely users of UG can help recommended me one.
Ideally i would like something not more then 300$ peferebly 4x12 (I plan on gigging in small venues, 50-100 max). Most ive found dont match the ohm ratings =/

Is this too tall of an order? (I sure hope not )
Surprise you're not going for just an Orange Cab? Too expensive I guess? Are you willing to go used?

I'd recommend an Avatar cab. I'm not really sure about settings and what not, but I think amps can always be modded...my guess is it's costly.
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Avatar cabs come in orange. They're pretty reasonably priced too. Check out their website. If thats too expensive, then go for the windsor

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For 300 hundred you might need to aim for a 2x12. That won't make a big difference in loudness so you shouldn't be worried about that. You might be able to find a used marshall 4x12 for that much, though you'll wanna stay away from the MG cabs.

The tiny terror can run on 8 or 16 ohms, so I don't see how you're having trouble finding a cab since 8 and 16 ohm guitar cabs are the most common.

I'd stay far away from a peavey cab unless I got a good deal and I had enough dough left over to swap the speakers.
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Don't bother with a 4x12 for a 15W amp. Get a nicer 2x12 from Orange, Avatar or some other good cab maker.


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Yes Orange 212s are amazing.
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