Hey UG, hope you're all having (had) a nice friday.

You see, I'm sure, from the title, that I am looking for a pedal, here is what I know already:

-Its only purpose is to simulate a bass drum sound upon being stomped.
-I remember it having a very simple enclosure, just plain wooden sides and back.
-I believe it was designed to accompany a solo acoustic guitar, which is what I have been playing mostly lately.

I think I first saw it in a Guitar World Buyer's Guide a couple years back, and haven't seen much of it since, but I am beginning to wish I had one. I have checked most of the major effect brand's websites to no avail, I hope some of you know what I'm talking about.

tl;dr version:

I need a pedal that sounds like a bass drum but is electronic, what is it called?
i know what your talkin about, im lookin for it in GW, they have adds for it alot, gimme a minute.

damn, ok, there ya go.
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Ive seen it in guitar world magazine, always thought it was a silly idea. Im going to see if i can dig it up...

edit: http://www.shadow-electronics.com/viewpro.html?lang_id=&id=254

freaky, first issue i pulled out and opened it up and there it was 0_o

That looks feckin awesome. In the words of Seasick Steve, it's a Mississippi Drum Machine...