In the June holidays I was sick, which sucks, but what better to do than write songs. I wrote one each day, then tracked the guitars and used VST programs for bass and drums.

Comments and constructive critisism please! I know the songs aren't the SHREDZORS that you guys are used to, more of a alternative punk kind of sound. Needs vocals, obviously.

pretty good especially for the time you put in. just clean up the guitar sound too sloppy and loose sounding in parts. what program did you use for the drums
Thanks. Yeah, I agree about the guitar, recorded them all in one take so it sounds a bit loose.

The drums were using EZDrummer (pop / rock kit), with a slight mid boost using the Cubase EQ and compression.
I really didn't like those, boring, all sounded the same. Please change you're guitar tone and vary the riffs and tone. But it isn't bad for a day on each song, it takes me about a week to write a song that i think sounds good. Just put more work into them and they should sound good. I'll tell you i couldn't have written 5 songs (like those) in 5 days so good job. I didn't particulary like them but they sounded pretty good for a day on each one.
^ Thanks, good to get some criticism. They are meant for vocals as well, thus not working very well for instrumentals and sounding a bit boring. Also, the guitar tone is the best I could acheive using Peavey Revalver as a computer modeller - I don't have a mic good enough to record decent sounding guitar.
I really like the tone on these, and the general quality of the recordings is quite good (it sounds slightly dirty, but that is a good thing to me). Overall I think the tracks are quite good, since you say you didn't put too much time in I think with a bit of refinement you'd have some severely good tracks on your hands, I really like Falling, I'd love to hear some more refined/perfected versions of all of these (not to be rude, I'm sure even you accept they could in places be touched up slightly)
love the city, very awesome intro song but yeah the drums are really fake and some things don't sound right but if you recorded it with real drums it'd sound amazing! and also making things a little bit tighter and cleaner and its an ace in the hole. also if ya want you can crit my song, should be on the first page.
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Thanks for the tips! Yeah, the drums are hard to get sounding right. I think I over-compressed them, made the kick stand out a bit too much in some places. Next time I'm on my own I might try to add some bits to the songs, then at a later date re-record them with a proper mic instead of using the instrument input and Revalver.

Thanks, keep the suggestions coming
Hi there, listening through track by track

City- Opening riff was pretty epic, was expecting something Devil Sold His Soulish from it, i like the guitar work and the bass in this song but the drums seem to change around quite a lot- and not in any sort of stable progression like you'd expect- it seems a little random like "this bar i'll use the ride, this bar i'll use a hihat, this bar i'll use a crash" it could be about taking the approach of adding the variation through adding in syncopation through the drum part, or a gradual build up (e.g closed hihat, open hihat, constant single pedal, constant double pedal w/ china) or something along those lines

Hands- Can see this working pretty well with some vocals on top of it, reminds me of sort of Jimmy eat world's "heavier" stuff, liking the chords in the chorusy section, and its nice keeping them the same and moving the bassline underneath it- what appears to let this song down is the programmed drums- somehow they feel almost a little bit sloppy- did you draw in the notes or play it in with a midi drumkit/keyboard ? might be worth trying to quantise them or reprogramming them a little bit, or getting a mate who plays drums to come and have a little tidy up and then this track should be pretty solid

Falling- The drums feel slightly up to loud and once again i'm feeling something slightly untoward with the timing aspect. Once again I'm liking all the different timing and chord changes etc, the feeling i'm getting though is that the guitar doesnt have as much punch as you might want / expect and the easiest remedy for that would be to record the exact same guitar part again and pan it one ear 70% left and one ear 70% right- would give it a nice wide full tone and make it sound perhaps a little bit more professional

Fourty- This song has the sort of feel of a softer A Day To Remember track- almost like there could be a beatdown and some screaming lurking round any corner. Again I think doubling up the guitars (maybe with some harmony in the second verse) could do a lot to beef up the sound in this track. Listening through again I can imagine vocal lines really easily over it which is definitely a good sign, there's easily a lot of potential to use these tracks as the basis for a new band.

Streets- quite liking the opening riff of this song cause something about it sounds slightly exotic, maybe like one of the notes "shouldn't" belong but it actually really works. i'm not overly keen on the little harmonic arpeggio things cause they've been used quite a lot before, and if your gonna use them you have to do it really well, but the chorus section afterwards has endless possibilities for vocals again- i think your songwriting is good at leaving the space that a lot of people forget to leave to actually give a vocalist an opportunity to do his job

Overall, i think doubling up the guitars will make the songs sound a lot fuller, consider reviewing your approach to drum programming cause i think it's the drums that sound sloppy in some places. I wouldn't expect any great success with this as an instrumental cd but the addition of a good vocalist could make all of these songs work well- the only thing that is perhaps lacking is bridge sections, structurally it seems to be fairly straight forward verse/chorus/verse/chorus stuff- maybe mix it up a bit in that respect.

Anyway I hope my crit helps!

xx matt
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Great for the time spent on it, but the songs all sounded very similar, and the guitar tone was way to dirty, clean up the tone abit and then they could be really good.
Cheers Ana - epic crit haha. The drums were done using a midi keyboard, and when I have the time I'll rework the songs a bit to take into consideration what you said.

I'll leave your crit as a comment on your profile