I've always kind of wanted to write a song with someone here on UG. I have a few riffs that I'd think could be the starting point for whatever we write (You write a riff or two, I write a riff or two. We make changes to the other's work and so on.). So, take a listen to them tabs and drop a comment here or PM me if you're interested in co-writing something with me.

I put a nice selection of riffs in there that all serve as perfectly fine intros:

Breakdown Riff: Something pretty heavy which I think has the potential to turn into some groove metal.
Wow Riff: A riff I made up on my acoustic that I thought was pretty nifty and could be turned into Power metal
Death Metal riff: I really like this one and could see my band using it in a song, but, I'd still love to work with someone on it.
Melodic Riff: It doesn't live it to it's name well.

Take a listen and get back to me

EDIT: As misfitsramones pointed out Melodic Riff is a Lamb of God riff, So, that's off the table.
Co-op Composition.zip
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Quote by misfitsramones
the melodic riff is from walk with me in hell by lamb of god.
yea it sucks when that happens.

Ohhhh, really? It makes sense as to why I couldn't get it to sound awesome. Nothing beats the awesomeness of Lamb of God. Thanks though, man!
i cant play your riffs upload them to your profile im intrested in doing this!
meaning i cant hear them.

Well, I'd using guitar pro to send the files back and forth. Do you have the program?