i know alot of you guys like dream pin and catharsis studios use the 8505 and 7170 religously, but know matter HOW HARD I TRY, i cant get them to sound good. I use the with the awesometime impulses and TSS and know matter what it sounds like ****. The only decent tone i can get is out of guitar rig. Please, i hate to come to this, but im BEGGING you guys too let me know what im doing wrong. I have a M-Audio Duo interface and record everything at 24 bit and i quadtrack everything as tightly as possible. Is there a certain technique too eq'ing it or compressing? Im sorry again but everyone but me can get amazing tones out of them. And yes i've read the VST guide on here (thanks dream pin) and as it has helped me alot introducing me to the world of VST's, i cant get good heavy tone. Please Halp
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