I'm going to PA tomorrow, and I'm new to fireworks. What should I get that'll be the most fun for 10-20 dollars. Also quantity is good. I know I can get like 100 bottle rockets for 10 bucks any suggestions?
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firecrackers...many...place in small container. Place some Kerosene as well, light. Run away.
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Just get a couple cans of black powder, it's not that expensive and you can have all sorts of fun with it.
go to milford PA, they have stuff cheap there...but cops will check your car if you try to leave the state wit them
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That'll be 20 bucks.

Cash or charge?

umm can I put that on debit?
I smile because I have no idea whats goin on

Can't buy fireworks in Cali.

There's Mexico,
but you need a passport to get back.

And Vegas is like 3-4 hours away.
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Light them. Throw them as they burn. Awesome

But dont throw them into a tree. I learned the hard way on NYE 2 years ago