Quick Intro
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Hello everybody, I am EnDZYm3 [like enzyme btw XD] and I am a rather new guitarist. I played the piano for approx. 5 years and then moved on to a new instrument because I want to expand my musical vocabulary and skills overall as I become a professional musician. I've been playing the guitar for a year now, and I think that considering the following factors:

*Not having an instructor [whatsoever]
*Not knowing chords as well as I should

I'm actually rather good as a guitarist . But I'm not going to get too cocky because I couldn't have done this without the help of the ever amazing UG community.

What EnDZYm3 would like help with...

You may have heard of Matthew Bellamy, He's the guitarist from Muse. Ok, I'm not in to Muse "THAT" much, but I am into Experimental and Electronic music [Psyclon Nine, Suicide Commando, Skinny Puppy, Celldweller, Combichrist, The Prodigy]. Matthew Bellamy has a Korg Kaoss pad installed on his guitar. I would LOVE to have that set-up on mine. Although that may not be possible on my current guitar.

I have an Ibanez GAX70, It's a beauty. I've held a lot of guitars, but Ibanez and Shecter were the only ones that felt right at the time. That's why I got my Ibanez