I saw this beautiful Stratocaster in Daphne blue yesterday and I knew I had to have it. Turns out, it was over a grand! I am GASing for a new amp ATM and can not affod to pay over 1000 for a guitar. I've been looking for a standard or cheaper strat in that color but they are scarce. Anyway, how hard is it to just buy a daphne blue body and build your own strat? I am pretty good with my hands but I've never built a guitar. I don't want it to end up sounding like crap...
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Daphne blue is quite a rare colour on fenders, especially on strats sadly, they make them slightly more common on teles in certain ranges.

Best advice would be to drop fender a line and ask what lines they do in daphne blue, theyre usually helpful guys
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Warmoth is an option, I'm sure. Isn't one of the new Squier VM strats in a daphne blue?
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