I wrote this when I starting turning a corner. I really felt ambitious and inspired. Honesty is a premium again. Thanks guys.

Just Me

Behind this burning cigarette
lies all my pain and my regrets
I find it hard to try and fix my mind.
So I sit here in this beat up truck
I wonder if I should give a ****
and then I think that maybe its just me.

Theres something wrong
yea this ain't right
try to be strong
with all my might
but everything just slowly slips away.
Now I look around, and at myself
try to find something, inner wealth
but everything is gone and its just me.

Up at night, alone at home
I grow tired, my thoughts they roam
and all I think is What makes this **** worth while?
I'm hurt all over, my body aches
I'm so scattered and can't think straight
and runnin away, well that just ain't my style

I get knocked to floor
I crawl for the door
but life just pulls me back into the ring.
a shot to the gut
another to the eye
one to the chin
and I just fly
but I keep on standing up because I know that this is me.

I go to my corner and get stitched up
yea, this fight is my life's measuring cup,
and I look in the other corner, but its just me.
Just as strong, and just as quick
the angry stare, the deadly grip
a little less scarred but just the same as me.

I get sent to the mat one more time
I'm at the edge of the fence
near the quitting line
but the voice in my head won't let me slip away.

I think about the angst and pain
how tough I've been, what can I gain?
Theres so much fight left inside this body.
I get up again, I take my lumps
get in some shots, some good fist pumps
I start to feel the hurt but it goes away.

I start to scream, I start to shout
This is my time, let the beast out
I land my blows and put the bastard down.
He smirks at me, a ****ty grin
wipes the blood from beneath his chin
I remind myself I'm only fighting me.

Well its all just life
its one big fight
theres ups and theres downs
theres day and theres nights
but the only one who can stop you
is the one in the mirror.
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is this a rap song **** you seem like a badass
i could play like eric clapton if i had his gear...anyone could
I don't know what to make this. I really don't want to make it into rap, on a count of me playing guitar. lol. I've had a lot of inner struggling and am a huge fan of the Rocky anthology, which is where I kind of got the inspiration for this. It seems like every time things are good, the air gets let out. This was just kind of me coming to the realization that the only person standing in my way is me. I appreciate the sentiment that I'm a bad ass. But I'm not. I'm a 6'7 340 pound softie. lol I kind of got the rhyme scheme from Matchbox 20's long day.
Woke this morning to the stinging lash
Every man rise from the ash
Each betrayal begins with trust
Every man returns to dust

Just Me


21 Days