This is a very basic song, to be embellished a bit. Right now, the lyrics are down, and the instrumentation will be worked out tommorow with the original author (Of the chords). I thought these chords were ridiculously happy sounding (Almost Gospel-like; it was difficult not to make this into a religious song). It's very up-beat musically, about 120 bpm *Just sheer mental estimate*
Verse chords: (G - C) - (Em - D)
Yes, overdone, but I didn't write it. Each chord has reasonably (Not precisely, it's a bit varied) equal time. That is just the basic... It might be edited a bit later. I grouped them into measures

Chorus Chords: (G) - (C)- (G) - (D)
Again, simplicity is the key. Each chord is played twice on the first beat, with silence for the rest of the measure.

The Lyrics aren't perfect, I acknowledge (I just wrote 'em, in about a 50 minute spurt of free time, inspired by the fact that my friend forgot his guitar at my house and I wanted to test it out).

Genre is Rock; We ultimately plan on being a Hard Rock band, but this is uncharacteristic of what we usually do... This is a much softer, upbeat song, not heavy metal. Clean (Jangly, I'd say) rhythm guitar, with a liquidy-warm distortion for the lead soloer. I could almost put this on a Christian-rock album, if the lyrics were more religious... Here goes.
It's your day, Raftin' away
Down the silky river, Down that golden parkway
Everyone everywhere seems to know this tune
Always so much time to waste, yet so much you can not do

-Guitar solo, 2 bars-

As I wandered right on down the road
I saw an angel, a premonition from the soul
The things it said to me, I'll carry all my life,
It said *Guitar solo finishes that line*

Chorus: Everyday ; Any way you can
Please remember ; Who you are and where you stand
No one is quite like you ; They don't understand
Why you do the things you do, c'mon just be happy that you can

Wo-oah, just be happy that you can
-Empty bar, 'can' stretches into this bar, no solo otherwise-
-Guitar solo for rest of verse... 2 measures, I guess-


-Rhythm only, no singing/soloing-
Just be happy that you can

Nowadays, life has been real tough
But what do I care, I can't get enough, of
All the twists and turns life has taken me through
What the hell, it's just as well, been a pleasure knowin' you

=-Chorus x2-=

End *After a few measures, and whatever it takes to end it*

Feel free to be honest. It's a very simple piece.
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