Well I am saving up money and I want to buy a mixing board for recording.
My friends dad has one and when I used it through my guitar and a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier, it sounded like heaven......or hell.
Now I have a couple hundred bucks and I have seen a lot that I can afford on eBay. My only concern is, I want to record my guitar, through the mixing board and onto the computer.

I have a little Pod Studio UX1 that I currently record through but I can't get a professional sound.

If I get a good mixing board ( I can figure my way around one ) would I be getting a better sound quality?
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Probably not, if the preamps are REALLY good, it might be a little better than the toneport alone, but not a lot. Really the way to get a better sound quality is to buy a mic & start recording guitars that way. I recommend the Shure SM57 or the Sennheiser e609.
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you're not going to get a decent studio desk for a few hundred bucks.
get an interface with serious pre-amps and you're sorted.
Mixing boards are completely irrelevant for computer recording really, it would be a waste of money.

They are used if you record without computer, just onto a tape of digital recorder, so you can change the volume, EQ etc of your tracks. If your recording with a computer the mixing desk is kinda in the software.

How are you recording through your toneport atm, mic or direct in?
Mixers (assuming you're not talking about €25k in-line mixing consoles) are used when you're trying to cram a lot of instruments into one input at the same time. Nothing to do with sound. What you were hearing probably wasn't the mixer, it was the effects connected to the mixer.

If you want a more refined "studio" sound get a mic and interface and a DAW and plugins and play around with them.