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14 22%
3 5%
Not bad
17 27%
Good for your age.
25 40%
Really bad
4 6%
Voters: 63.
So im 13 years old and i have been playing guitar for 2 years now.
I take music very seriously unlike other players in my school.
My brother has been playing for 5 years(He's 17) and he says im
a crap load better than i should be.

So to judge if im good,watch my covers on youtube.
I just want to inform you that i am not looking for subscribers
and i am not looking for video views.Im just wanting to see if people
like my playing style.

If comparing yourself to others was a good idea in the guitar world, we would all take one look at Steve Vai and give up.
I guess every guitarist who can do his job is good. Hell, Johnny Ramone played 3 powerchords per song and his (rare) solos consisted of 3 notes, but I consider him good because he did his job. Perhaps he could play technically much more advanced stuff, but still, he did his job.

A beginner guitarist who plays simple punk using 3 powerchords and no solos, but fills his place well - good!
An advanced guitarist playing in a power metal band, being 10x better (technically) than the previously mentioned punk guitarist, but still not quite up to the job, making a lot of mistakes on extremely fast solos/riffs - bad!

Sure, the crowd's definitely gonna go mad after an amazing 32nd notes @ 140bmp solo rather than a change of 2 powerchords, but the amazing solo means nothing if you mess it up. It's about playing cool, and correct!
your brothers right you're better than others at your age /level

keep practising
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It wasn't sloppy at all, to my surprise. Most players who've played two years I've seen, are horribly sloppy in comparison to you, so that mea's you are better than the average player.
Even better, the vid was entertaining, and that's pretty awesome too!
Great for your age and playing time, but I didn't see anything challenging to play, just a bunch of slow soloing and powerchords. I'll tell you what I honestly think though, don't take it hard/personally:
  • Technique could be improved (anchoring) but you seem very relaxed
  • Your muting is good, especially for the powerchords
  • Good bending
  • Rely on downpicking too much
  • Good timing
man, i wish i was that good when i was 13! ha

but i'm getting better.
in all honesty, you're pretty damn good for your age and i have a feeling when you're a little bit older, you'll be a hell of a player
You play, that's enough.

Stop thinking in terms of where you are and just keep playing and progressing, as long as you do that you're good.
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In terms of skill, pretty good. I'm not gonna compare you to myself, but after two years, you've done pretty well. I recommend getting more used to strumming purely from the wrist without anchoring.

You did the bends really well on the solo. I think that up to that point, the powerchords were good, but you flapped your arm a bit too much. If you're happy with where you are right now, that' sthe only thing that matters though.

Ultimately, like a previous guy said, if you did your part correctly, you're good. There weren't any glaring mistakes, although I am not familiar with the music.
im 14, played for 2 years much like you (started just after i turned 13 though) and we are pretty alike tbh, i leave things on my youtube when there sloppy and i can play exact without pressure. so you are probably better than me :-/

i hate competition so i wont compair us two.

the vid was great... you are sitting down and waving your hand about to strum ;p i lol'd at that, i wouldnt do that cause im a more calmer player but i can see you are really into your music. it put a smile on my face, your a great player.

lol at us, we are twins. you said your crap, i said im crap, but were pretty equal level tbh (from the contents of the video).
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All I can say is, that was MUCH cleaner than I expected it to be.

But keep in mind what will ultimately give people a glimpse of your musical prowess is your ability to express yourself through writing. I'll be looking forward to hearing your compositions, as that was some very clean playing and I think you can do a lot with it.

Good luck with your musical future.
If you're going to make a thread like this, at least turn the track down so we can actually hear your guitar.

I don't know how any of the above people managed to critique your playing because all I hear is the track in the background.
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ive been playing about a year and a half, i was watching to see if i could play it... i'd be able 2 pull it off, would probably be a bit sloppy, and not 100% sure if i could pull the solo off without a lot of practice on that one song, im 16, not sure if that makes much of a difference
but yeh, ur cover wasnt sloppy at all, and for playing for 2 years that was great, just keep practicing i'd say GL man

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You play it really clean but for speed to be honest i could play stuff like that when i was playing for 6-7 months i think.
yeah it all looks and sounds really smooth and clean. I've been playing 9 months and can play a lot faster than that but I'd still swap my playing for yours anyday, the speed will come (can you play faster than that?) btw did you just post the poll for the sake of a poll?
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You play, that's enough.

Stop thinking in terms of where you are and just keep playing and progressing, as long as you do that you're good.


(but you're pretty darned good for your age/experience. Well done!)
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If comparing yourself to others was a good idea in the guitar world, we would all take one look at Steve Vai and give up.

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