I didn't know if anyone had seen this yet. I hadn't until a few minutes ago when I was browsing teh interwebz and saw it on the Tone Merchants website. There's no info on the Bogner site. The aesthetics are kinda iffy as far as I'm concerned and the 6L6s in an Ecstasy just don't sound right to me. But it supposedly has much better dynamics and a much better clean sound as well as more touch sensitivity. It sounds kinda like a Classic but with 6L6s and the cream/white tolex and Marshall style faceplate to me.


And Tone Merchants already sold theirs.
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6L6's do give a better clean, from my experience at least, and they break up alot differently, they can sound better depending on how you EQ your amp.

And I'm sure if you ended up buying one, you could switch the 6L6's for EL34s without too much hassle, the mod shouldn't be hard.
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