Hey guys! I know some of you will say this belongs in the gaming thread, but i need responses, and any experience that the pit is willing to offer!

Well today i was playing NHL09 and for some reason my xbox360 controller kept disconnecting and turning off! I tried changing the batteries, and this didn't work. I also noticed that quite often the green ring would do that spinning action, like when the controllers having difficulty connecting.

Also, it only seemed to occur in NHL when i pressed up on the right analog stick when in play. I tried some other games to see if it still happened and sure enough, it did.

The controller hasn't been roughly handled at all and is only about 2 weeks old. Hell i only took the sticker that originally cam with it off yesterday! so its definatly covered by both EB Games and Microsoft Warranty.

So any suggestions guys?
I dunno it sounds a bit dodgy to me, take it back and ask if there's someway to fix it or get it exchanged.
sounds like its faulty
return it and grab a new one
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sync button on the controller. Do the one on the xbox itself, first. That should take care of it.
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sync button on the controller. Do the one on the xbox itself, first. That should take care of it.

lol. done that. doesn't work.

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Did you check to see if your Xbox was plugged in?

Course its plugged in, otherwise the controller wouldn't turn on in the first place.
Are you using the same brand of batteries each time? If so it could be just the controller isn't responding to that particular brand. I had a similar problem a while ago where I bought several packs of cheap batteries and not one of them worked.

Try stronger batteries (Duracell for example) or perhaps invest in a Plug 'n' Play charge kit.
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