Written years ago, but I thought you might enjoy it.

Tonight I Lie Awake

Doing battle with yourself
So you don’t battle me
Stealing from yourself
And never getting what you need

Holding it all in
While it rots away your soul
Got your finger in the dam
That’s flooding out of control


Ambushed by today
And tomorrow lies in wait
While you slay your demons
I lie here awake

Tonight I lie awake
And listen for your sounds
Your drunken key in the door
Feet shuffling around
I listen for our past
Without all our mistakes
And it’s all I have to hold onto
As I lie awake

When you’re focused on yourself
You don’t see me cry
Or your destructive wake
Filled with shattered lives

The love I remember
The alcohol cannot disguise
The image is just dimmer
Looking in your bloodshot eyes

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I really enjoyed this a lot. It had such a great flow and you really have a way of making amazing choruses, which is something I wish I could do. There's not much I have to critique. However, I think you created a really unique image with the "destructive wake" part. I think that you should expound upon that image, add in some more words that relate to water or tides or something to tie it in with. That's just me, though. It's still really good the way it is.

Well done!
here, My Dear, here it is
WOW dude this is really amazing
thanks for putting it up
if you havent you should put music to it it would be epic
That's SICK. I enjoyed this immensely. Keep it coming!
Woke this morning to the stinging lash
Every man rise from the ash
Each betrayal begins with trust
Every man returns to dust

Just Me


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