Hi all.

I have recently taken apart my Fuzz Face (Late 60s edition) available on generalguitargadgets.com due to a previous wiring problem. While reading through some of the documentation, the common fuzz face instructions to be exact, I had read (pg 2, first full bullet) that a separate power supply is required. I do not wish to purchase a second power supply, so I was wondering if I made the DC Jack have a positive centre pin, would I be able to connect it to my 1Spot (via a Reverse polarity adapter) while the 1Spot is daisy-chained to my other, negative-ground pedals?

Also, what exactly would the wiring of the DC Jack look like? As far as I know (referring to the parts layout on the GGG website), I would switch the black wires connecting the battery snap to the jack and the jack to the board with the red wire connecting the snap to the jack.

Thank you.
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