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For a while now i've been interested in concept albums and i had known about TDS for a while and had owned a copy. I decided to look into the concept behind it and one of the interpretations i had read (on this website: http://www.4degreez.com/nailz/ninterpretations/downspiral.html) seemed to make the most sense to me.

But what i'm really getting at here is that this album is more like a soundtrack to an epic, complex tale of human emotions, societies, metaphysical rebellion and nihilism. Because of how deep and complex it is put together with the atmospheric and haunting music it has recently become one of my all time favourite albums. No other NIN album has managed to even come close to it.

I started this topic to see if anyone else had read this interpretation and maybe had one of their own or recommendations for similar albums, because i haven't seen a single concept album come so close to it's complexities.

Though I may get flamed for this, I feel similarly about Marilyn Manson's "AntiChrist SuperStar" (indeed, the whole Triptych). This is the best breakdown of it I have seen, http://www.nachtkabarett.com/ , a site that examines all of the band's work and finds the meaning and interesting symbology behind it, fantastic site, gave me such an appreciation of the band. Considering you like Nine Inch Nails and meanings/concepts behind albums plus the conceptual storytelling aspect, you might appreciate that link, the Nachtkabarett, and listening (or re-listening, with information from that site) to some of Marilyn Manson's albums. I recommend AntiChrist SuperStar, and if you like that (or at least the story/concept), Mechanical Animals and Holy Wood (the other two pieces in the overarching story).

Damn, I sounded like I was blowing Manson and the guy who made that site in the above paragraph. I'm really not, just hoping you can get some more music to enjoy Sorry if the description got too subjective there.

You have probably already heard and enjoyed it, but Dream Theater's "Scenes From A Memory" really is fantastic too. A simpler story, but an entertaining and interesting one nonetheless. Wiki actually explains the story well, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metropolis_Pt._2:_Scenes_from_a_Memory .
Great music, many regard it as Dream Theater's best album and it's certainly worth a listen.

Naturally, you'll know Pink Floyd have done great concept albums The Wall and The Dark Side Of The Moon are great listens.

I haven't heard heaps of NIN, but what I have heard (really just some songs; Hurt, Closer, March of the Pigs [may have possibly gotten the name wrong there], The Perfect Drug, a few others) I really enjoyed, Marilyn Manson was his protege' for some time too, so I will probably find great enjoyment in some NIN albums too. I'll buy The Downward Spiral next opportunity I get Thanks for spurring me along.

EDIT: AntiChrist SuperStar and The Downward Spiral apparently reflect themselves in some ways too, you're description of TDS makes it sound somewhat similar to ACSS, at least having similar themes and I am pretty confident they were created very closely to each other, around the same time and Trent and Marilyn were close at that time. So, there you go
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Try checking out "Be" by Pain Of Salvation. You might find it weird at first, but it deals with similar themes as TDS.
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