Should I stop? Like, say for the intro to Cliffs of Dover, for fast, short riffs on the same string, I just pick once. Is this ok? Natural? Should I stop?
do whatever sounds good to you. if you like what you hear, keep going, if not, try picking everything.

imo, it really depends on the sound you want to get. if you want a more aggressiv sound, pick everything
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Yes! Whatever sounds right to you becomes YOUR style. HOPO's give a smoother sound than individual picking so you might try adding in some serious bends to make it even smoother. Mix in some sustaining vibrato if you like. That's what I tend to do with a lot of what I play. Then the odd divebombed, pinched harmonic has more impact than just throwing everything at it all the time.
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I can alt pick fine, its just that I find this easier for me, and I kinda like the smoother sounds. Just wondering if this was bad to do. Thanks.
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It's called legato when you go for a smoother style and use techniques like hammer-ons, pull-offs, tapping, and economy picking to ensure minimal picking is necessary. As long as you can play the riff or passage either way (except for tapping stuff for obvious reasons), you aren't doing yourself any harm to prefer playing more smoothly.
Don't worry about it if you like how you sound at the moment. Vai uses mostly legato and it helps him sound fluid and flowing, rather than punchy and cut up. Whatever sounds good.
Be able to do it both ways. Good technique is (in my opinion) being versatile enough to play whatever you want with the sound that you want.
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Just so long as it sounds good I don't see no reason as to why it's not ok. However like most people are saying make sure you can play the riffs as they're supposed to be played, and if you can hammering on and pulling off the majority of the time should be fine.

I'm probably the opposite to you though. I hate playing all riffs with hammer on's and pull off's. I just don't like the way they sound when you do it a lot of the time.
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